URL Decode Filenames 1.2
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URL Decode Filenames 1.2

This simple and easy-to-use tool finds and decodes URL filenames on your PC
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Due to the limitations established on the specification for URLs (RFC 1738), if your file names include special characters, they may be encoded and those characters replaced (e.g., spaces are replaced by "%20" strings). This simple and easy-to-use tool finds and decodes URL filenames on your PC. You can specify the folders and drives where you want the program to perform the search, and whether to make this search recursive.

The program offers a basic and not-very-elaborate user interface, with a classical design. It allows you to add to a search list all the locations you want to analyze. Once it is ready, you can also delete any of its elements or clear your list with a simple click. In addition, you can set the program to search in subfolders also (recursive search), to use Unicode characters or not, and to search for encoded URL file names without replacing them yet. All of that can be done by simply clicking on the buttons in the toolbar, but – unfortunately – those buttons are not labeled, and you will need to read their tool tip texts carefully to learn about each button's function. The program does not include any help files or tutorials, not even on its website.

Now you can start the search process and wait for the results. As a tip, you should be very careful to avoid decoding URL file names in special or system folders, as it could cause serious damages to your system or even render it unworkable.

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Supports recursive searches
  • Allows you to use Unicode characters for the replacements
  • Allows you to perform search-only operations (no replacing required)


  • Poor visual design
  • Nonexistent documentation


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